In holidays, many children came to the playground activities where will be held a lot of 9D games including cool driving game, fierce gun battle game, explore the submarine game, it is rich and wonderful.


Jack said: My favorite is the shooting, because it feels very different with 9D effect. It’s my turn to play,I was shocked of the scene while I put on the headgear of the game which showed the 9D battlefield immediately and appeared many enemies in ambush from every side.So I held a desert eagle pistol and rushed to the front.Some enemies hid behind the big box, some enemies were shooting on me, and some enemies shot me secretly. In the absence of preparedness I even in a few bullets, finally I died in the enemy bullets of the game.


9D game effect is very realistic, I feel I was in the place the same as the battlefield ,the game has brought us a remarkable experience.

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