How to operate a your Rạp chiếu bóng will decide benefit. Before choosing a Rạp chiếu phim 5D supplier, you can gather some information about how to operate a 5D cinema. Today we will share about the chapter 2 with customer about How to Open a 5D Cinema: setting commercial circle of your cinema.
Commercial circle centers about your cinema to attracts customers around. Here are some circles type for reference:
A, Business circle: This kind of site has most of the population. People are ready to consume in this area. Business circle will maximize the sales, but the cost will also higher. And there will be many competitor.
B, Uptown circle: at least 10000 families should be there. The consuming habit of this area is stable. The cinema size should be decided by communities amount and size.
C, School circle: college, high school or middle school. The consuming ability may not as strong as business are, but consider about the population, it’s still a good choice.
D, Suburbs: still have quite a lot people in suburb areas, and there’s few things to entertain.
What to analyze about a 5D cinema circle:
A,Population size and features
B, Incoming of resident
C, Competing
D, Local law
E, Others(such as rent)
If you have any problem on the 5d cinema business circle, Xindy 5D will be happy to give you a help.

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