5D Hydraulic SystemMua 5D Cinema equipment , do not understand that the problem is not enough detail , was fooled may not know . 5D Rạp chiếu bóng equipment is applicable to many areas of a true simulation platform that by implementing the six hydr

aulic cylinders lift the upper and lower multi- point positioning , hydraulic cylinder with each other freely six multi-point positioning movements, forward, back, left-wing , right-wing set of actions .5D Cinema equipment can be used for a variety of real simulations ( such as simulation of real driving cars , airplanes real driving simulation , the capsule real driving simulation , dynamic theater ) fields.
Analog devices include dynamic seat , hydraulic lifting devices , and computer control system , the new dynamic simulation of the real apparatus , wherein : hydraulic lifting means comprises a hydraulic cylinder fixed to each other with a hinge and the cylinder holder , the hydraulic cylinder passes through the spider shaft or rod end bearings, shelves and seat support frame is connected to the hydraulic cylinder is provided with a locking plate , bumper block , compact structure , hydraulic cylinders and control systems are connected.
Some manufacturers connected with a cross fork shaft hydraulic cylinders, some with rod end bearings, these two have what is the difference?
General homemade cross shaft material for the general seamless steel pipe, because there is no bearings, grease purely by reducing sliding friction , easy to wear, with a long time there will be significant with the gap , resulting in a large percussion platform motion , the audience is difficult endure .
Rod end bearing is widely used in industry , but most of the production is the use of steel , and therefore do not appear prone to wear durability problems. Phantom Star rod end bearings using forged steel production, high hardness, self- lubrication, abrasion resistance, a quality rod end bearings , it is very durable , but also in a wide range of aerospace applications .

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