Koltuk etkileri sistemi:

Koltuk etkileri sistemi 5d film equipment, allowing the audience to feel the bumps, tremors, whipped up and down effects. In the audience watching adventure, horror, when the seat special effects embodied in particular. For example, viewers are watching a movie roller coaster seat to make the audience feel the ups and downs, whipped up and down, in the movie of this virtual world through the mountains, in the room will experience the excitement of the rapid shuttling in the mountains.

Görsel-işitsel efektler sistemi:

5D 5d film theater audio and video equipment, including metal screen effects systems, projectors, rack (with Polaroid mirror, tablets), play servers, control cabinets, screens, subwoofer, the main speakers, surround speakers, amplifiers and other equipment.

Yazılım sistemi özel efektler aksiyon filmi editörü, video oynatıcı, senkron kontrol sistemi, hareket etkileri sistemleri ve çevresel etkileri sistemi içerir. Böylece yüksek konfigürasyon bilgisayarlar, monitörler, dolaplar ve dahil Ekipmanları.

5D Movie Equipment

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