Xindy 5D Sinema 3D dayanmaktadır,,en,teknoloji, dijital video teknolojisinin yeni nesil optoelektronik, kar, titreşim, su spreyi, saç ve diğer karmaşık özel efekt sahneleri de dahil olmak üzere entegrasyon! Xindy,,en cinema technology the integration, including optoelectronics, snow, vibration, water spray, hair and other complex special effects scenes from a new generation of digital video technology! Xindy 5D cinema theater is a form of emerging internationally, evolved on the basis of the traditional three-dimensional theater. Compared to other types of theater, with a prominent theme, high technology content, lifelike, more attractive to viewers and other features and advantages. Can give the audience a visual, auditory, tactile and even strong stimulation of taste, bring all-round feeling of sensory organs!

Xindy 5D sinema genellikle üç unsurdan oluşmaktadır: üç boyutlu projeksiyon sistemi;

6dof 5d cinema

Xindy tam set profesyonel üreticisi 5D / 7D /9D cinema theater equipment. Both the hydraulic and electric technology are leading in the cinema industry.In these years we always try our best to serve our customer good quality products with competitive price. Welcome to visit our factory.

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