First of all extended warm congratulations on a complete success for our client’s exhibition in HongKong.

Xindy virtual reality simulator is a good assistant for you (1)

Our client is a manager of his company. He was a man of ideas and his idea always could have a salutary effect for his company. But since previous exhibition did not measure up to his expectations. So this exhibition he would like to make something interesting which to show in their booth. On occasion, when he had dinner with his friends, he saw there were a virtual reality simulator beside the restaurant. And a lot of people were queuing up to play it. At that time. he thought the ความเป็นจริงเสมือน simulator can be a attractive thing in their booth. He learned that the virtual reality simulator which beside the restaurant was bought from Zhuoyuan. He contacted our sales person at once and rented a single seat virtual reality simulator from our company.

Xindy virtual reality simulator is a good assistant for you (2)

According to our client’s feedback, the virtual reality simulator has attracted a lot of people to their booth. And their booth was one of the most popular booth in this exhibition.
We wish a brisk business for you all, flourishing source of wealth, happy family life and a continue development in our business dealings. Best wishes!

If you want to know more about virtual reality simulator, please leave your message, we will contact you as quickly as possible.

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