A good bookstore considered to be the city cultural landmark. But, unfortunately, more and more bookstores are facing collapse, more and more bookstores are disappearing.
For this reason, Xindy put forward the corresponding solution, and took the lead in pushing the“ ความเป็นจริงเสมือน simulator + bookshop ” mode. Let bookstores “back to life”.
When the “virtual reality simulator + bookshop” mode launched, it won the praise of people from all walks of life, quickly caused strong repercussions in the industry. Let the “virtual reality simulator + bookshop” mode became lucrative.
Some people may ask, ” Is it just the big bookstores are suitable for the “ virtual reality simulator + bookshop ” mode. “ Now, we can tell you that you are wrong. The “ virtual reality simulator + bookshop ” mode is suitable for all type of bookstores, such as library and bookshop.

When the virtual reality simulator + bookshop, it can let the bookstore be more lively, no longer a dreary bookstore. When you feel tired after a long time reading, you can go to experience the virtual reality simulators. Let you not only relax your body but also relax your mind.
In the case of that the traditional bookstore in urgent need of transformation, this new “ virtual reality simulator + bookshop ” mode has been gradually accepted by more and more store operators. How to let the virtual reality be a perfect with cultural complex? We are still persevered to the perfection. We firmly believe that Xindy will let virtual reality simulator and cultural industries blend perfectly.

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