Nigerian local customers ordered Zhuoyuan 7D cinema 6 seat, 7D cinema brought a different fresh experience to the local people, it can simulate the bumps, tumbling and All the actions that appear in the movie, which can make the Experience Hall feeling of being immersive.

7D Cinema

When you take a try and wear a helmet, you can fly in the VR virtual world with the help of a dynamic capsule, with the help of vibration effects. When customers wear 7d glasses, you can in the VR virtual reality experience museum, driving the jet backpack flight in the most fantasy of VR virtual world.

7D Cinema1

Do you want to know more about the 9d vr simulator, prosim pustite sporočilo, vas bomo kontaktirali v najkrajšem možnem času.,,en,Xindy 9DVR izkušnje muzej | Xindy Animacija Inc.,,en

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