This client is from the Iraq. He was very glad when he visited our company and experienced the our vr products. After experienced all of our vr products, He found that there were few this vr simulator in Iraq, so he wanted to launch this business in Iraq and seize the “Virtual reality entertainment market”. He decided to buy FuninVR’S three seats 9d egg vr simulator , VR Racing Moto and Eagle Flight VR

Now, his three equipments : 9d egg vr simulator , VR Racing Moto and Eagle Flight VR have opened since half month ago. Our client said that the three equipments have attracted many young people to experience. And the business is hotter and hotter, also the income is higher and higher.

Мы искренне желаем всем магазинам нашего клиента больших успехов после открытия с удачей и процветания! Спасибо за вашу поддержку и признание.,,en,Полетное VR оборудование,,en,Xindy'S 9d egg vr симулятор в Ираке | Xindy Animation Inc.,,en

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