Xindy Virtual Reality Simulator Treadmill will be shown in Global Sources Electronics (1)

In April, we not only attend the 119th Кантонская ярмарка but also take part in the Global Sources Electronics Expo.

Global Sources Electronics is the world’s largest electronics sourcing show. The first phase includes 3,500 booths and runs from April 11 to 14 with the focus on home, office, and auto electronics — plus security products and electronic components. Now, it have Experience Zones, Virtual Reality & Gaming – hands-on demos showcasing the latest products in this fast-growing sector.

На 11 апреля -14th, мы покажем вам наш новый Виртуальная реальность беговая дорожка, двойные сиденья 9d Виртуальная реальность and vibrating Virtual Reality simulator in the Global Sources Electronics. Do you want to experience the entertainment and fitness at the same time? Do you want to completely in virtual reality scene? Do you want to experience the scene of roller coaster, cars driving and earthquake in Virtual Reality world? Our Virtual Reality Treadmill, double seats 9d Virtual Reality and vibrating Virtual Reality Simulator can meet all your need. What are you waiting for?

Детали нашей выставки:
ВРЕМЯ: 11-14 апреля 2016
ADD: Asia World-Expo, Международный аэропорт Гонконга, Лантау, Гонконг, Китай
11-14 апреля 2016, там или быть квадратной.

Xindy Virtual Reality Simulator Treadmill will be shown in Global Sources Electronics (2)

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