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4D кино is a new digital technology based on the technology of 3D cinema. It is a newly raised international movie style which has been developed from the basis of traditional stereo cinema. Compared with cinemas of other types, it boasts features and advantages of prominent theme, high technology, vivid effect and viewer-attracting. It can bring the viewers strong incentive on visual, listening, touching or even smelling sensation, and bring an all-round feeling to all the sensory organs.

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4D motion chairs are the most important part in 4D and 5D cinemas. 4D motion chairs move according to the film story. The motion chairs contain some effects which are controlled by the computer. The main difference between 4D and 5D кинотеатр is that there is only wind blowing and dynamic system in 4D кинотеатр while 5D cinema contains more abundant unique effects controlled by the computer such as falling, shaking, blowing, water spraying, rotating, yawing, pitching and rolling.

Поэтому, стулья могут мобилизовать системы восприятия из зрителей и сделать их действительно вступит в участков. Это заставляет зрителей почувствовать сцену тесно и наслаждаться совершенно новым опытом.

На данный момент существует три вида стульев движения.

4D кинотеатр разработан на основе основе традиционной стерео кино.

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