дорогая,,en,Клиенты:,,en,С момента своего основания в 1999 году компания Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Machinery Co., Ltd располагает крупнейшими в отрасли современными стандартами производственной базы, площадь которой составляет 20000 квадратных метров. Мы посвящаем себя разработке и производству 5D / 7D / 9D,,en,оборудование, 9d виртуальная реальность, авиасимулятор,,,en,симулятор, 360 градусов автомобильный симулятор. «Превосходное качество, проницательное видение» - основная философия управления Zhuoyuan. Промышленный опыт, широкие возможности в области исследований и разработок, диверсифицированная линейка продуктов и комплексные услуги позволили Zhuoyuuan стать лидером в области производства развлекательного оборудования виртуальной реальности,,en Zhuoyuan’s customers:

On the occasion of the Spring Festival, on behalf of all of Zhuoyuan’s colleagues to extend cordial greetings and best wishes to you. Thanks for all your support and trust in 2015. And wish you all the best in the coming year.
9d virtual reality

Since its establishment in 1999, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Machinery Co., Ltd have the industry’s largest modern standards of production base, covering an area of 20000 square meters. We devote ourselves to designing and manufacturing the 5D/7D/9D кино equipment, 9d virtual reality, flight simulator, F1 racing car simulator, 360 degree car simulator. “Premium quality, insightful vision” is Zhuoyuan’s core management philosophy. Industrial experience, strong R&D capability, diversified product line and comprehensive services, which have made Zhuoyuuan become the leader in the virtual reality entertainment equipment manufacture field.

Looking back the development of Zhuoyuan, dear clients, you is the motive of Zhuoyuan’s development. Under your strong concern and support and with the efforts of the whole staff, we have gained a great marketing successes one by one. April showers bring may flowers, we knew that every of progress and success we have achieved, can not be separated with your attention, trust, and support and participation.

In the years ahead, we will continue to provide the best service to you, continuously improve product quality.
Finally, I deeply appreciate your concern, support and assistance to Zhuoyuan again. We especially cherish long-term friendly cooperation relations between us. We wish a brisk business for you all, flourishing source of wealth, happy family life and a continue development in our business dealings.

Happy Spring Festival!
Best wishes!
Guangzhou Zhuoyuan machinery Co., Ltd

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