9d cinema 9d vrWe all know the meaning of 3D. After 3D, there are 5D, 7D, 9D, 11D, 12D appear in recent years.

4D – 3 dimensional movies seats movement

5D – 3 dimensional movies seats movement various special effects (Snow, Wind, Rain, Bubble, etc)

7D Interactive cinema -interactive gun 5D. shoot the characters in the movies then can see the scores

Acum. 9d este cea mai noua tehnologie din lume. La fel ca 9d nostru,en virtual reality ,viewers just need to wear VR glasses and then go into the world of the movies. It breaks the limit of virtual and real world and takes viewers amazing experience. It consists of three revolutionary new products :Cinema interactiv cu 360 ° rotație funcția, imersive Ochelari, Breakthrough platformă conținut de divertisment VR.

8D, 10D, 11D, 12D, XD are all similar to 7D. Using any higher number is just a marketting gimmick and nothing else.

9d cinema 9d vr 1

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