Here comes the good news from India, again!

We have to admit that this India customer is really a big spender customer, he has the largest FuninVR’s VR agency in India and two VR experience & gaming stores respectively located in Mumbai and New Delhi. Having seen the rapid rise of VR industry, the India customer instantly senses the business opportunities contained in it. Previously in 2017, the customer opened his first game center in Mumbai named VR Unreal which really interested citizens in there. The Mumbai game center has nearly a full set of VR products purchased from FuninVR totally 15 products including Single Seat 9DVr, Double Seats 9DVR, 3 Seats 9DVR, 6 Seats 9DVR, Eagle Flight VR, 720 Degree Flight Simulator, VR Vibration and others.

Since the open of the Mumbai store, the business has been good and also this customer has achieved handsome profits from the store. Because of the increasing needs of VR entertainment and growing VR market in India, he determines to expand his store and makes up his mind to take the lead in India’s VR market. Action speaks louder than words. The India customer in May this year opened his second store in Noida, a satellite city of New Delhi. This time he chose a bunch of high ROI VR products of FuninVR for his newly opened store. These VR products are 9D VR Trzy fotele, 9D VR sześć miejsc, VR Ski Machine i VR E-space Walk. W dniu otwarcia sklep przyciągnął wielu ciekawych gości i fanatyków VR, kilka agencji prasowych objęło nowe wydarzenia związane z uruchomieniem sklepu. Klient twierdził w swojej opinii dla FuninVR, że VR jest nowe i świeże dla większości ludzi w Indiach, ma dużą rolę do odegrania w przyszłości, a także przynosi duże możliwości biznesowe.,,en,symulator, proszę zostawić wiadomość, skontaktujemy się z Tobą tak szybko, jak to możliwe. [contact-form-7 id = "3620" title = "Formularz kontaktowy 1",,en,vr jaj,,en,Strefa gier VR,,en,Strefa Gier FuninVR w Noida, Indie Xindy Animation Inc.,,en

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