October 18, 2017 Fall Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show opened at the Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong.


This is the largest “Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show”, including Asia’s largest AR / VR event exhibition, the electronics show through 2800 booths, to show buyers from China and other parts of Asia, the most innovative mobile electronic product. The exhibition will from October 18 to 21 for four days


Zhuoyuan Jivvibra,,en,Simulatur VR,,en,hija faċilità ta ’vibrazzjoni ta’ simulazzjoni bi prezz baxx. Il-plejers joqogħdu fuq il-magna u jilbsu nuċċalijiet VR, jistgħu jħossu l-moviment vibranti ta 'fuq, isfel, xellug, lemin, bħala x-xena ta' roller coaster, karozzi tas-sewqan u effett ta 'terremot fil-logħba.,,en VR Simulator and Stand-up Flight VR. became the most popular exhibition equipment, as Zhuoyuan hot equipment for the first time show in Hong Kong, cause the audience a sensation inevitably, become the focus of customer attention! Many customers have heard Zhuoyuan new products, and came to experience specifically, as always, high-quality, rich shocking game content, so that the presence of experience users praise!

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