What kind of feeling and cognition With 9dVR chair? I think that VR is completely subversive compared to the past visual experience. For example, You can see the sky and look down at the ground. In the past, The larger screen is only a limited range,And the visual experience of VR is Subversive. VR realizes the interaction,Not only can see,But also Join in, feel with the first perspective, This is the biggest difference.

Type 9D VR Chair
Product Name VR Egg Chairs Simulator
Voltan AC220V
Kuasa 2.5KW
Electric servo system Electric crank (New generation)
Product Size 1910*1160*1930mm

Kedai saya telah dipilih di pusat membeli-belah mal, berhampiran dengan pintu masuk taman permainan kanak-kanak dan pintu masuk lif. Keberkesanan peralatan VR, lokasi emas, Ini adalah kedudukan saya, kerana amanah, kerana kualiti yang baik produk, saya membeli puluhan peralatan VR, mesin permainan VR 9D. VR Racing moto, Eagle Flight VR, 9d,,en,Pengerusi VR,,en,, 2 set VR Racing kart, Aliran hujung minggu dua kali lebih biasa, Jadi saya rasa produk yang baik dan operasi yang baik Mode, kedudukan emas! Boleh jadi impian saya menjadi kaya,,en,Mesin kerusi 9dVR,,en,Simulator Pengerusi 9dVR,,en,Pengerusinya 9dVR Reality Maya,,en,Realiti Maya 9dVR Mesin Kerusi Untuk Dijual | Xindy Animation Inc.,,en VR Chair , 2 sets VR Racing kart, The weekend flow is twice as common, So I think good products and good operations Mode, gold positioning! Can be my dream of getting rich

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