Two days ago, I saw a small video on Facebook from a FuninVR account. There was a car sitting with six people ,wearing glasses and screaming. I saw this entertainment device, I suddenly came to thinking. In our country, There is no such amusement equipment like this . If this equipment can be represented in our country open, And setup at in mall .That will be a substantial income.

So I left the email address and phone number on the website. After the sales lady contacted me so fast and sent me the product details. Because I was more cautious, Then I found the product comparison on the Internet, And then went to The official website and sales explained my thoughts. The sales lady recommended the agent telephone number of the neighboring country to let me go to the experience.Then I invited some friends go to experience.

The place should be about 20 square meters,The equipment style 5 Kinds, But it should be the kind of mashup,Adults and small boy are suitable for playing, My friends and I also experience some, The price of consumption is also suitable , The film is good,Very suitable for our on-site friends, then down, we need to invest in a budget plan. Because this will be the era when we step the virtual reality business for sale

If you want to know more about the vr simulator . Please leave your message, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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