Our client Mr. Huang said“I worked outside for more than ten years, and just have enough money for food, let alone amusements. The income of each month just about $650. I want to start my own businesses, but I just with little education so I am afraid to do business…..Unit I saw the 9d virtual reality simulator in a shopping center, and the warm atmosphere, hot scene of the 9d vr thus far are similarly impressive.”

After long deliberation, Mr. Huang came to our company and want to get more information about the 9d virtual reality. After our sales manager make a detailed information of the 9d vr.Mr. Huang had a good understanding of the market advantage. And make a decision to ordered 3 sets three seats 9d vr simulator.

After Mr. Huang start the 9d vr businesses , he sent some photos to us and said their 9D VR has become a regular phenomenon among passers-by.

Xindy  9d vr (2) Xindy  9d vr (1)


We wish you all business is booming, making plenty of money, flourishing source of wealth and a continued development in our business dealings!


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