Pilihan peralatan pawagam 5d dan kerusi 5D

5d pawagam equipment and dynamic seat technology currently divided into pneumatic, hydraulic and electric three kinds, is currently the most used hydraulic dynamic seat, because the hydraulic dynamic seat technical requirements are relatively high, and Pawagam 5d equipment is relatively price cheap, it can be said is regarded as the most cost effective on a dynamic seat. 5d cinema equipment

Pneumatic dynamic seat structure and technical requirements are the most simple, the price is the lowest among the most junior of excessive dynamic seat, so now basically no dynamic theater using this seat.

The power dynamic seat structure and control software is relatively complex, the price is the most expensive, so now with this electric dynamic seat theater is not a lot. General 4D cinema 5d cinema equipment are used in hydraulic dynamic seat, each seat can take two audiences, the combination of convenience, good dynamic effects, can be three degrees of freedom of the lift, tilt, swing and other movement.

5d Cinema Equipment


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