9D interactive animation and game and movie theater will be one of the cultural integration to 3D stereoscopic video technology with dynamic seat technology, a new sound system cleverly combines entertainment theater. 9D watch videos, you are no longer a mere moviegoers, you are among the great protagonist of the story, with the story of the development of an interactive movie together.

As the story changes, equipment can simulate a variety of special effects lightning, wind, frost, rain, snow, and other explosive impact, visual, hearing, smell, touch and movement perfect blend, then add the plot style interactive games, make full use of interactive props, so that the audience involved and threw himself into the story among the simulation unreal experience, thrilling adventure.

9D theater, operating anywhere
Mobile 9D interactive theater, so you no longer worry about the premises, not for the store rent, renovation and other costs and distress, without any additional costs borne easily operate.

Currently there are two main modes: a vehicle-mounted 9D dynamic theater; 2 tractor-9D dynamic theater..
Towed vehicle type with differences, in simple terms, is a vehicle-mounted vehicle, installed in the interior supporting 9D dynamic theater of various types of equipment, and the traction is a compartment in the same package installed interior 9D dynamic theater of various types of equipment, mobile car can use any drag car powered devices.

9D Interactive Animation: Game and The Cultural of Movie Theater will be One of the Integration


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