The 120th Canton Fair began on October 15th! Now, It is the fourth day of Canton Fair.

During the four days of the 120th Canton Fair, the vibruojantį virtualios realybės simuliatorius ir virtualios realybės vaikštynė became the most popular products. Especially the vibrating virtual reality simulator, it attracted a lot of purchasers to experience. The players screaming wildly while experiencing it. Wow, how crazy they were. Some players said that the vibrating virtual reality simulator was the most exciting virtual reality entertainment project. When they wore the virtual reality glasses, they immersed in the vivid game scene completely.

The Canton Fair will be end in tomorrow afternoon. If you want to experience the vibrating virtual reality simulator and virtualios realybės vaikštynė, don’t miss the chance. We are still waiting for your coming!
Iš 120. Canton Fair detalės, išvardyti toliau:,,en,Data: Birželis 15-19, 2016,,en,SKELBIMAS: Kinija Importas ir eksportas Fair Complex,,en,(Nr 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou),,zh-CN,BOOTH: H 5,1, N12,,en,Jei norite daugiau sužinoti apie virtualios realybės simuliatorius ir mūsų paroda, palikite žinutę, mes su Jumis susisieksime kaip įmanoma greičiau.,,en,Xindy vibruojantį virtualios realybės simuliatorius laukia jūsų išgyvena | Xindy Animacijos Inc,,en
Date: October 15-19, 2016
ADD: China Import and Export Fair Complex
(No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou)
BOOTH: H 5.1, N12


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