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What is 9d cinema?

Iš 9D išradimas,,en,Žaibas mirksi, rūko modeliavimas, burbulas Skraidymas, oro pūtimas, kojų valymas, sėdynės vibracijos, nugaros vibracijos ir tt Tuo pačiu metu, mes patirti įdomių judesio dinaminių vietų, kurias vairuoti mums yra fantazijų nuostabų pasaulį. Dėl 9D kino, tai pagrindas, ant 5D kiną su daugiau efektų.,,en kino teatras allowed us to be involved in the world of virtual reality, and this technology is a perfect combination of 3D images and effects produced by the special equipment upon the human perceptive organs.

We could feel the effects such as wind blowing, rain spraying, snow flying,

lightning blinking, fog simulation, bubble flying , air blowing, leg sweep, seat vibration, back vibration, etc. At the same time, we would experience the exciting motion of the dynamic seats, which drive us being in a fantasy wonderful world. For 9D cinema, it’s base on 5D cinema with more effects.

Platform feature of hydraulic dynamic technology:

The hydraulic platform consists of six hydraulic cylinders, one motor, one oil pump, one oil box, six solenoid valves, one cooling fan and two iron platforms. The control unit transmits signal to motor and solenoid valves, which drives the motor to work. So motor provides power for oil pump, and it prompts oil to run towards solenoid valves. When solenoid valves receives signal from control unit, it will open and close in time. So that oil can enter the oil tubes and provide pressure for hydraulic cylinders. At last, the movement of cylinders leads to platform’s working.
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Income of 9D Motion Cinema

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What is included in 9d theater

Those equipment included in 7d theater Master System projection system sound system 6 DOF dynamic seat system environment interactive simulation system effects tools into six parts. The main control system is mainly in the computer software, controls the operation of the entire theater. Projection systems, including the screen, projector. Dual projection technology, 7D and 5D can easily be converted to play, a equipment that can play both the 5d kino ir 7d filmas.
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5d 7d cinema


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