5d theater equipment to how to choose? 5d theater equipment manufacturers produce a lot. Personally think it is better to import advanced equipment, good performance, designed for high-end diversified theater designed to provide you with one-stop service.

Guangžou Xindy designs and manufactures the full set 5D kino teatras įranga su išoriniu salone ir mobiliojo sunkvežimis. Mes specializuojamės šioje eilutėje daugiau nei 14 metų ir skiria save į mokslinių tyrimų, technologijų plėtros, gamybos ir pardavimų Dinaminis modelinis platformų, judesio kėdės, pilnas komplektas 5D / 6D / 7D / 9d / 10D / 11D / XD kino sistemos ,

Zhuoyuan 5D dynamic theater in order to make three-dimensional movies civilians, to allow more people to experience a strong shock the effect of three-dimensional movies, especially the introduction of dynamic 5D cinema, there is more wealth to provide more opportunities for people who dream of getting rich, let 5D theater to the streets Lane corner, close to public life.




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