Instead of opening a kino teatras in a rush, there are always many things you should consider about. We have been in this industry for years and would happy to share some marketing strategies with customer about How to Open a 5D kinas. And here’s the chapter 1: Marketing research.
Prieš priimdami sprendimą, turėtumėte atlikti išsamų tyrimą savo rinkoje ir nuspręsti, ar praktiškumas ir galimybė įsigyti įrangą, pvz., 2 sėdimieji mini kino teatrai, 6 sėdynės, 9 sėdynės ar 12 sėdimų vietų ar dar daugiau? Mobilus kinas ar salono kinas?,,en,Rinkodaros tyrimai yra sudėtinga mokslo sritis. Jei turite kokių nors problemų rinkodaros tyrimuose,,,en,5D bus malonu jums padėti.,,en
First of all, you should know very well about the consumption habits and customs so you can decide the cinema style, price of a ticket and promotion methods. Make a research on the commercial circle features and consumption circle features.
Besides, we have better know about the development history in this place. Is there any successful or failed case in the history? Is there any similar entertainment facilities like KTV, bar, etc and the number of such facilities for reference. If approved a policy to develop this place, it also will make a great influence of the cinema benefit.
Three things to focus on:
A, Living structure: think about the population structure, family structure, average income and consumption, purchase behavior, ratio of local resident and immigrant population, if the community is new or old? If customers are will to pay for entertainment.
B, City structure: Consider about the locality, traffic,downtown area, forecast about the city development. Investigate on the city structure and function is the key factor because it will decide the location of the theater. All the function area of a city including center business district, secondary business district, special commodity business district, living quarter and suburban district

C, Retail store structure: Investigate the purchasing trend, behavior and store combination, big store or famous store. The retail store can reflect the local consumption structure and behavior, capability.

Marketing research is a complicative science branch. If you have any problem on the marketing research, Xindy 5D will be happy to give you a help.


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