A few days ago, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) held a seminar with the theme of “VR in 2016: when virtual dreams become reality”. Our client was invited to this seminar and at the same time he brought the vr magnum opus: Xindy 9d vr 영화 to show in the seminar.
During the seminar, our client and other financial magnates had a warm discussion about the the vr cinema and said they were very bullish to the vr cinema, especially the Xindy 9d VR 시네마.

Xindy vr cinema was popular with financial magnates (2)
회의가 끝난 후 재계는 9d vr 영화를 한 번에 경험했습니다. 그들 모두는 현장에 직접 있었던 것처럼 멋진 패션과 인터랙티브 한 효과를 위해 9d vr cinema에서 칭찬을 받았습니다. 9d vr cinema는 재계 기자들에게 인기가있었습니다.,,en,Xindy vr cinema에 대해 더 알고 싶으 시다면, 가능한 빨리 메시지를 남겨주세요.,,en,xindy 9d vr cinema,,en,Xindy Vr cinema는 재정적 자비로 인기가있었습니다 | Xindy 애니메이션 주식 회사,,en

Xindy vr cinema was popular with financial magnates (1)

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