On November 8th, Sanya Luhuitou area has built the first virtual reality theme park. Through “virtual reality + scenic spot” model of development, transformation and upgrading of power of the scenic spot.
Through the “virtual reality + Scenic Area” development model, help the scenic spots to transform and upgrade. The virtual reality theme park will be open in late December. It covers an area of 400 square meters. Lots of virtual reality simulators will be set in the virtual reality theme park, such as the virtual reality 영화 simulator, virtual reality space walk simulator, luxury virtual reality space walk simulator…….

The virtual reality theme park aims to use the world’s cutting-edge high-tech virtual reality technology to upgrade the scene format, increase the first-class interactive experience of recreational projects in the park. The virtual reality theme Park combines the domestic advanced virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other new technologies for consumers to create super-stimulating immersive gaming experience of both visual, auditory, tactile and other body feeling. Although the virtual reality theme park has not yet to start business, it has attracted a lot of media to report and won a good social repercussions.
우리는 당신이 모든 사업은 돈을 많이하고, 호황을 누리고있다하고자, 재산의 번영 소스 및 사업 거래의 개발을 지속!


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