Gaming industry never dies because it is an entertainment carrier for everyone, the industry will keep being prosperous as long as people have pursuits of happy and fun. The rise of VR tech in recent years brings people an undeniable fact that VR is going to revolutionize the whole gaming industry and create new business opportunities for smart businessmen. The real estate company in Vietnam is just the case, in order to maximize its profits, the company diversifies its investment strategy by plunging itself into the promising VR business. The Vietnam company has a physical VR experience center in busy business street and it was just opened recently.

이 VR 경험 센터는 500 평방 미터를 커버하고 센터 내부에 설치된 12 개의 VR 제품은 모두 광저우에서 구입합니다,,en,. 이 VR 제품에는 VR Dark Mars Simulator, Eagle Flight VR, Star Twin Seat VR,,,en,카트, VR 레이싱 카 시뮬레이터 및 시공간 셔틀 시뮬레이터 등이 모두 인기 제품입니다. Guangzhou Zhuoyuan의 통계에 따르면이 베트남 VR 체험 센터는 경험 센터의 규모 또는 구입 한 VR 제품의 수를 기준으로 한 회사의 최대 해외 사례입니다.,,en,베트남 FuninVR의 뜨거운 판매 vr 제품 | Xindy 애니메이션 주식 회사,,en Zhuoyuan. These VR products include VR Dark Mars Simulator, Eagle Flight VR, Star Twin Seat VR, VR Racing Kart, VR Racing Car Simulator and Space-Time Shuttle Simulator, all of them are hot-selling products. According to Guangzhou Zhuoyuan’s statistics, this Vietnam VR experience center is so far the company’s largest overseas case either from the size of the experience center or the number of purchased VR products.

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