There is a Chinese old saying goes like that “good wine needs no bush”. This theory can also be applied to Guangzhou Zhuoyuan’s top-notch VR products. Here is a good example for that. A Thailand customer days ago came to the Guangzhou Zhuoyuan’s factory, it seemed that he knew Zhuoyuan very well because he talked with our salesgirl just like an old friend of her. Actually, the Thailand customer was indeed one of our cooperated customers. That was his second travel to Guangzhou because he is going to open his second VR store, he tasked himself with the purpose of purchasing some more VR products.

회담 후 태국 고객은 협력 계약을 체결함으로써 협상을 마무리했다. 그는 이번에 Gatling VR 시뮬레이터 1 대, Eagle Flight VR 2 대, 진동 VR 시뮬레이터 1 대,,,en,VR 레이싱,,en,그의 새로운 상점을위한 자동차 시뮬레이터 및 VR Super Wing Flight. VR 엔터테인먼트는 착취되기를 기다리고있는 큰 잠재력을 가진 비즈니스 다. 태국 고객은 자신의 첫 번째 VR 매장에서 좋은 사업을하고 있기 때문에 VR 비즈니스에 확고하게 머물 것이라고 덧붙였다.,,en,가격,,en,태국의 FuninVR 클래식 케이스 | Xindy 애니메이션 주식 회사,,en VR Racing car simulator and VR Super Wing Flight for his new store. The VR entertainment is a business with great potential waiting to be exploited, the Thailand customer said, adding that the he would firmly stay in the VR business because of the good business in his first VR store.

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