Our client is a local businessman from Pakistan. He has been engaged in film career. Recently he came to China to study, and find Zhuoyuan 7D,,ar,(B)大規模なエンターテイメント市場の消費者需要、高収量、迅速なリターン。中国は、バー、KTV、映画館などのエンターテイメント会場を確立しているが、21世紀の中国の13億人の人々は、エンターテイメントの需要が徐々に増加していますが、新しい7Dの劇場、 2014春祭りでは、,,en cinema is suitable. Finally he decision to purchase a set of equipment.

7d cinema

our client said: the 7D映画館 project was wonderful and it was his dream project. He had numerous repeat customers since he opened the 7d cinema. That is why he made tons of money. And now he is planning to open more 7d cinema branch.

7D cinema2

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