What is 9d VR?

これは、ユニークな成功商用VR製品です。視聴者は、単にVRメガネを着用して、映画の世界に行く必要があります。これは、仮想と現実の世界の限界を破ると、視聴者に素晴らしい経験を要します。インタラクティブ:これは3つの革新的な新製品で構成され,,en,1),,en,映画館があります,,en,まずによって解放,,en,China.Itの5Dモーションシネマ、7Dインタラクティブシネマ全く異なるインチ,,en,あなたはXindy 3議席9Dバーチャルリアリティについての詳細をお知りになりたい場合は、あなたのメッセージを残してください、私たちは可能な限り迅速にご連絡させていただきます。,,en,韓国のXindy振動VRシミュレータ,,en cinema with 360°rotation function, Immersive Glasses, Breakthrough VR entertainment content platform.

5d 7d cinema

5d 7d cinema


What is the function of single seat 9d VR?


Bionic 150 ° field of view, 1080 P HD resolution two eyes independently, without dead ends brings you to enjoy the new funny world with real feelings .


The moving speed of the cabin from 10mm / s to 167mm / s can be precise regulation, make you free to move in the new wonderful world.

3. 360°回転プラットフォーム


Built-in 9-axis sensor, 360 ° head tracking, you will feel your whole body into the world of film when turning around

Boundless Universal,Endless Ocean,Hail of bullets……Fantasy you ever dreamed of will come true now.


Explore every wonderful creation of our world, broadcast the moment at present, predict the future.

5d 7d cinema


What is the advantage of 9d VR by Xindy?

1)9D VR cinema is a new product firstly released by Xindy in China.It’s absolutely different from 5d motion cinema, 7d interactive cinema.
2)Viewers just need to put on VR glasses and then go into the world of the movies. It breaks the limit of virtual and real world and takes viewers amazing experience.

3)Compared to Chinese suppliers, Xindy is the rich experienced and develop fast manufacturer on 9d VR cinema

4)After a year of research and development,9d VR cinema by Xindy is already a mature product.

5)Our powerful R&D team is technical assurance: 9d VR technology, product quality, movies update.Our professional after-sale service team is your support.

6)Compared to foreign suppliers, our price is more competitive. It brings great business opportunity to investors wants to invest this project, and also suits for the one lack of money.


Complete 9D virtual reality experience pavilion

5d 7d cinema


More style 9d VR seats for you to choose
5d 7d cinema

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