1. 6-dof hydraulic dynamic for 5d cinema


2. 6, 8, 9, 12 seats / chairs available for 5D cinema


3. Computer Control System

To make sure that the above elements are achieved a computer is needed to control all the function. The computer is the core of the 4D cinema ,all softwares and programs need to make sure that every function takes place are integrated into the computer,The movie has to be programed according to the computer and then the computer set the exact time when to execute such as projection of sound ,produce all special effects e.t.c.
4. Sound system
the sound equipment we provide is 5.1 sound track , the most highest level sound equipment used for cinemas.

5. 5D special screen
From the visual sense the screen structure of 4D cinema is a cylinder circular-screen stereoscopic image. The screen is an arc form semi-center of a circle,not a plane (flat screen).the aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9,and it can widely expand the scope of movement for 3D objects and horizon,get rid of the constraint of plane sight and make the movie space resemble as the real space.it can generate many mode of motion such as crossing and surrounding,that’s how it makes the feeling of space-time’s changing.(it’s different from the “flat four-dimensional video” – which limits not only the audience’s visual angle, but also the movement direction of the objects.)


6. 5D cinema special effects system

7d cinema effect

7. 5D movies for Electric / Electronic 5D Cinema
We have our own professional team program the normal 3D movies into 5D movies. So besides the 70 5D movies we will give to our customer for the first time, every month we will update 2 latest new movies.

7d movies

8. 9D stereo-glasses

For viewers to enjoy stereoscopic motion picture,we exclusively design and manufacture cylinder polarized glasses (the “stereo glasses”)for watching stereoscopic motion picture.it makes different movie images from viewer’s left eye and right eye,so that the image reflected in the human brain is a 3D image,thereby to create an immersed scene of the three-dimensional visual space.




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