Guangzhou Zhuo Yuan, chairman and other senior leaders hosted the South Korean VR industry accompanied guests to visit Guangzhou Zhuo Yuan headquarters and production research and development base warmly, launched in China and South Korea VR field of friendly exchanges.

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Under the leadership of Mr. Yang.director of Guangzhou Zhuo Yuan, the delegation took the lead in entering the VR theme park exhibition hall of Guangzhou Zhuoyuan headquarters, and experienced Stand-up Flight VR, Space-Time Shuttle Simulator, and so on a variety of VR equipment,Korean people on the immortal experience of Zhuo Yuan, excellent quality, innovative cool style of the wind and other aspects of praise

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その後、代表団は広州Zhuoyuanの生産拠点と開発センターを訪問Zhuoyuanの生産プロセス、厳しい品質検査手順とオリジナルのコンテンツ開発プロセス、広州Zhuoyuanの全体的な強さは、評価の高い程度を理解し、青写真を楽しみにして中国と韓国の技術革新と発展のために,,en,韓国のVR産業代表団が広州Zhuoyuanを訪問| Xindy Animation Inc.,,en

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