On July 14th, 2018, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan holds its second singing competition which named “Voice Zhuoyuan”. It is held in Zhuoyuan’s main meeting hall and there are totally more than 30 contestants participating in this singing session, they come different working positions in different department. The whole competition consists of three parts, the qualifying round, the final round and the awarding ceremony. At 2:00 PM the grand competition begins, lights are shining and spectator seats are full, people are cheering and screaming. Though singers on the stage are mature, they do a very good job. After about two-hour fierce competition, three competitors lastly win the singing prizes. Guangzhou Zhuoyuan 強く結束力のあるチームをつくるために常に多くの注意を払っていますが、それは会社のすべてのスタッフをユニット化するための多くの効果的な措置を講じ、就労後の生活を豊かにしようとします。,,en,広州Zhuoyuanの歌うコンクールの第2セッション| Xindy Animation Inc.,,en

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