Every day there are numerous people from different countries come to inquiries something about the Xindy 9d vr. In order to let you better understand this product. Now we have collected some questions which the clients always ask.


  1. What is 9D VR?

これは、ユニークな成功商用VR製品です。視聴者は、単にVRメガネを着用して、映画の世界に行く必要があります。これは、仮想と現実の世界の限界を破ると、視聴者に素晴らしい経験を要します。インタラクティブ:これは3つの革新的な新製品で構成され,,en,1),,en,映画館があります,,en,まずによって解放,,en,China.Itの5Dモーションシネマ、7Dインタラクティブシネマ全く異なるインチ,,en,あなたはXindy 3議席9Dバーチャルリアリティについての詳細をお知りになりたい場合は、あなたのメッセージを残してください、私たちは可能な限り迅速にご連絡させていただきます。,,en,韓国のXindy振動VRシミュレータ,,en cinema with 360°rotation function, Immersive Glasses, Breakthrough VR entertainment content platform.

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  1. How many seats does the 9D VR have?

Zhuoyuan 9D VR have single group,360°single group ,360° double group and 360°three group.
5d 7d cinema

  1. How much does the 9D VR costs?

About the price of the 9d vr ,it’s so reasonable. A set of 9D VR costs several thousand dollars to Tens of thousands of dollars. The prices differ according to how many seats you want to have.

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  1. How many movies does the 9D VR include? How often the movies will be updated

When you buy the 9d VR ,we will provide 5 movies to you. And at least 12 films per year to offer you for free.

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  1. Where can we operate the 9D VR?

You can run this project only use 8 square meter space,a breakthrough in traditional operation mode which reliance on storefront location,You can run this project in some crowded places, for example, Video Games City, Park, School, Shopping Centre, Commercial Street……


5d 7d cinema

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