The 2015 ATRAX came to a successful conclusion in last week. In the 2015 ATRAX at December 3rd to 5th 2015, Xindy single seat vr equipment és double seats vr equipment succeeded in getting them into the crowd surrounded by numerous. Fresh, exciting, fun, vr simulation, and both attract viewers stop.

Xindy vr equipment can show you around the VR world. It can let you have a truly immersive experience at home. Fuses the global newest summit peak technology,have a clear view of the Future Visions without obstructions. Since these advantages, the vr have brought a lot of orders to us.

Köszönjük erős támogatást és a bizalmat cégünk. Igyekszünk minden tőlünk telhetőt, hogy Ön a legjobb szolgáltatást, menjünk a sikeres jövő kéz a kézben.

Xidny 9D VR is the main attraction in 2015 ATRAX

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