Most sok ember viszonylag nagy nyomás, hogy a munkahelyen vagy az élet, ahol különösen sok a gazdasági és a szakmai nyomás a pillanat egy ember állapota a magas nyomás, így sok ember kell, hogy fogadjanak el néhány módszert,

With the viewing population continues to increase, so all kinds of mozi also appeared on the horizon as, 2d above the theater, we are called special effects theater, including 3d/4d/5d/7d/9d, and automotive theater.

Truck 7d Mozi theater, as the name suggests is to use the car as a carrier of theater.Compared to other forms of theater, which has two main characteristics: First, you can move. So, where many people, where you can make money, where I went. Second, rent-free. Have been established throughout the theater in the car, eliminating the need for money.

Kérdés: 7D Mobile Mozi hatás nem lesz olyan jó, mint vezetékes, de a tér nem lesz túl kicsi?

A: Will not. Their equipment fixed theater system technology are inherited an excellent program with a fixed theater effect as well. Xindy 7D truck mobile cinema is extendable, and after the body by stretching can make double the space, so the space is very reasonable adaptation.

truck 7d cinema

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