Most people have the impression that book store just a quiet place to read books, but after the ” Multifunction and One-stop” cultural complex Library appeared, it changed everyone’s opinion of the library, especially one of our client’s ”VR + Library” appeared in the news, it aroused much thinking about the traditional library transition.

New business model of VR Simulator + Library (2)
Our client has introduced the vr simulator in his library. Everyone can experience the it at no charge. Since he introduced the vr simulator, it attracted many customers and brought good results. in the present gradual disappearance situation of the library, this “VR + Library” new business model catch people’s eyes particularly. And the business of the library is getting better and better.
Érzékelem a bizalmát és támogatását, hogy termékeinket, mi marad a jó hírnevét, és továbbra is olyan bőséges profit az Ön számára.

New business model of VR Simulator + Library (1)


If you want to know more about Új üzleti modell VR szimulátor LibraryKérjük, hagyjon üzenetet, felvesszük Önnel a kapcsolatot a lehető leggyorsabban.

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