Do you want to open a 5D cinema? Pifò vle konnen se konbyen lajan yo achte yon 5D ekipman sinema money? How much money to invest in a 5D sinema? How much time to return to this? Pavement investment sizes, different city locations pavement because the price is not the same, so it is difficult to explain in a pavement invest much money. But how much of a 5D cinema equipment, this is the movie industry is compared to the 5D stable price. As Shenzhen Excellence Century 5D 5D cinema equipment film company, on sub-pneumatic, hydraulic with electronic magnetic levitation devices. 5D cinema equipment and two seats on the seat, with the standard version with the deluxe edition seats. Standard Edition can take 6-8 seats, the deluxe version can take six seats. The device is not just a set of 5D cinema seats, but includes all the 5D cinema installation system, even the service are included.

5D sinema ekipman ki mete kantite lajan, paske avèk yon nwayo diferan nan aparèy la, pri a se pa menm bagay la.

How Much to Buy a 5D Cinema Equipment?

Guangzhou Xindy Animation Teknoloji Co.Ltd. designs and manufactures the full set 5D cinema equipment with the outside cabin.Based on more than 14 years of Industry technology experience, a number of specialized technical skills and a contingent of skilled staff team, we devotes ourselves to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of 4D cinema system,5D cinema equipment,6D cinema theater,interaction 7D cinema,truck mobile 9D cinema, Kabin pak 11d sinema Systems, 5D 6D 7d Cinema Teyat.

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