Tanzania customers ordered Zhuoyuan 9d vr equipment, brought to the local people a lot of joy.

virtual reality

In Tanzania store, 9DVR experience museum is very popular, Thre is full of excitement and screaming, so attract people flocking to 9D area constantly, many people are queuing to prepare the experience, So that the atmosphere of the entire shopping malls is quite lively.

virtual reality1

The audience can “immerse” into a variety of environments, as if directly into another never before the world, enjoy the scene-like shocking entertainment experience, such as virtual roller coaster , Racing racing, simulated flight, space roaming, Jurassic adventure and so on.

האם אתה רוצה לדעת יותר על סימולטור vr 9d, נא להשאיר את ההודעה שלך, ניצור איתך קשר בהקדם האפשרי.,,en,Xindy 9d VR בטנזניה Xindy אנימציה בע"מ,,en

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