2016, VR(Virtual Reality) like a tidal wave. Now, VR technology especially well in combination with theme park and create a series of “an explosive experience”. Now, the most exciting vr equipment is “ Xindy Vibrating VR Equipment”.
The original roller coaster like that

Xindy Vibrating VR Equipment satisfy your demand (4)
Are you still sedimented in the original roller coaster? NO, it was out of fashion.

Xindy Vibrating VR Equipment satisfy your demand (3)

Xindy Vibrating VR Equipment satisfy your demand (2)


Now. you don’t need to go to the theme park to experience the roller coaster and Large Pendulum. Xindy Värähtely VR,,en,Simulaattori on simulaattoritärähdys, joka on edullinen. Pelaajat pysyvät koneessa ja käyttävät VR-lasia, voivat tuntea värähtelevän liikettä ylös, alas, vasemmalle ja oikealle, kuten vuoristoradalla, autojen ajo-ajoissa ja maanjäristyksen vaikutuksesta pelissä.,,en,Xindy Vr Kokemus Hall Thaimaasta,,en Equipment can meet your need. The small device can let you feel more stimulating than the real roller coaster and Large Pendulum. Don’t underestimate the small Xindy Vibrating VR Equipment, it has scared a lot of people.
Look, How happy they are!

Xindy Vibrating VR Equipment satisfy your demand (1)

The Vibrating VR Equipment is a simulation vibration facility with low cost. Players stand on the machine and wear VR glasses, can feel the vibrating movement of up, down, left, right, as the scene of roller coaster, cars driving and earthquake effect in the game. The small Vibrating VR Equipment can let you experience a lot of games, from now on you don’t need to go to the amusement park to wait in the long lines for playing the amusement equipment. Xindy Vibrating VR Equipment can meet all you need.

Vibrating VR Experience Pavilion (3) Vibrating VR Experience Pavilion (1)

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