Xindy popular virtual reality products in HK (2)

Our client whom from HK has bought a popular virtual reality products. First he saw our products in a shopping center in Hong Kong. He followed his friend to experience the 9d virtual reality products. After he experience it, he said that even though he queued for more than 15 minutes to experience the 9d virtual reality products, it was worth the wait. When he experience it and chose the Roller Coaster Movie, it made him feel like he was really riding a roller coaster, even more exciting than it.
From then on, he had an intense desire to open a 9d virtual reality products experience pavilion. He though the equipment was so exciting and funny, it suitable for young people to play. So he discussed this project with his friend. His friend thought that if he just put the 9d virtual reality products in his experience pavilion was too single and suggested him to show more products in his experience pavilion. He searched this project on the internet and found our company has a new virtual reality products business mode. He contact our sales person immediately. Our sales person gave him a detailed explanation of the new virtual reality products business mode and provide a business mode for him according to his local consumer demand, the size of his area and pedestrian counting……Finally, he ordered some virtual reality products in our company.

Xindy popular virtual reality products in HK (1)
Recently, he gave us feedback and said that our virtual reality products and the new virtual reality products business mode let him earn lots of money.
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