The hot scene in the our Canton Fair booth attracted the CCTV’s reporter come to interviewed us and make an in-depth reporting about the our 9d vr simulator birth process, the core of the 9D vr simulator, the market development prospects, etc.

zhuoyuan 9d virtual reality canton fair

Coincidentally, such a hot scene caused the attention of Guangzhou TV’s reporter, after they interviewed our sales person in the Canton Fair and produced a news report called” 9d vr-buyer’s new favourites “. The reporter spoke highly of our 9d vr . The report has caused great repercussions after the broadcast.

zhuoyuan 9d virtual reality canton fair 1

The two mainstream media invariably have reported the Xindy 9d virtual reality simulator. This phenomenon reflects the high popularity of vr entertainment equipment.

zhuoyuan 9d virtual reality canton fair 3zhuoyuan 9d virtual reality 5The popularity of this device, in fact, have an inkling of the matter, a few years ago the Zhuhai Changlong 5D elokuvateatteri set the Guinness World Records, Universal Studios Singapore circular-screen interactive cinema also widely sought after. As the consumers are looking for the more funny and exciting gaming experience, these 9d virtual reality simulator will have a good prospects for development.

zhuoyuan 9d virtual reality canton fair 2

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