“7D film how such a short ,” which is a lot to hear our customers after product introduction will have such a reaction , as opposed to the traditional video length movies , 7D elokuva is a bit “not to see .” Now 7D films between 8-17 minutes long , mainly experience -based, so the role of the film is also somewhat similar to a roller coaster rides like a haunted house , focusing on its thrills , people always have a boundless feeling, which is the biggest charm 7D movie .

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7D long short films Another important reason is that the production cost.

The highest box office history is based on the history of the highest investment , it is the high cost of 3D film production , limiting the 7D movie “Height .” 7D movie is basically the first perspective , so as to bring more real, more exciting experience , so 7D films are used in a 3D scene requires specially made and can not borrow on the market of 3D films, which greatly limits the length of the movie.
In fact , the length of the existing 7D movie is extremely beneficial for businesses . First, this “little movie” make quick business recovery costs due to shorter viewing time , so every viewing sessions very much, viewing numbers will rise. This will directly drive operating income businesses . Secondly, because viewing a short time, most of the audience will have a boundless feeling , you want to experience again , thus forming repeated consumption .

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