Joka on parempi 7D Hydrauliikka Cinema ja 7D Electric System Cinema? ” Which is one of questions the customer often asked . Two kinds of theater equipment have advantages and disadvantages , and use the following from a technical point of view , you can choose according to their needs :
Technically difference:
1 , They are not the same as working medium , pneumatic air compressor platform is to promote the cylinder up and down movement , to achieve dynamic effects ; hydraulic platform is rotated by a motor driven hydraulic pumps , cylinders push up and down movement , to achieve dynamic results.
2, Their carrying capacity is different, the maximum pressure of the air compressor at 0.8MPa or less. Pressure hydraulic equipment is 4MPa, five times higher than the air , and can substantially increase according to need, and therefore the carrying capacity of the hydraulic pneumatic much larger than the common Hercules are used as construction machinery hydraulic drive .


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