The 119th Canton Fair which is regarded as “leader” of Chinese foreign trade. The first phrase of the 119th Canton Fair closed in 19th. According to statistics, the purchaser reached 93800 in the first phrase of the 119th Canton Fair. Compared with that of last year, the purchasers has increased and virtual reality product is the most popular products. Vibrating VR and VR Walker are the most popular products in Canton Fair (3) Xindy VR Walker was the most attractive products in the whole exhibition. The VR Walker attracted many buyers lined up to experience it. Many buyers said that after they experienced our VR Walker made them felt had did a fitness sport in gymnasium, VS Game fighting fitness sport, entertainment and fitness at the same time, double benefit. All of the buyers had also praised the VR Walker ‘s design philosophy. Vibrating VR and VR Walker are the most popular products in Canton Fair (2) In addition to this VR Walker won the hearts of all, the Zhuoyuan Värähtely VR,,en,Simulaattori on simulaattoritärähdys, joka on edullinen. Pelaajat pysyvät koneessa ja käyttävät VR-lasia, voivat tuntea värähtelevän liikettä ylös, alas, vasemmalle ja oikealle, kuten vuoristoradalla, autojen ajo-ajoissa ja maanjäristyksen vaikutuksesta pelissä.,,en,Xindy Vr Kokemus Hall Thaimaasta,,en Simulator was also popular since its exciting games. The buyers from all over the world were startled by the small device Vibrating VR Simulator. Vibrating VR and VR Walker are the most popular products in Canton Fair (1) During the five days of the exhibition we had received more than two thousands buyers. After experience our products and had a negotiation with our sales person, many buyers came to visit our company and place orders. If you want to know more about Vibrating VR and VR Walker. Leave your message, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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