With the development of technology, people developed to show more pictures per second, the current flat-panel TV has appeared in the LCD TV 200/240HZ, 400/480HZ will refresh rate and plasma TV 550/600Hz sub field driving technology, such as 4D display provides conditions for technology implementation. About the 4D concept, we may first think of is the 4D theater, elokuvateatteri 4D actually is 3D theater in a certain degree of upgrading, compared with the 3D cinema, 4D elokuva just shaking, falling and blowing, spraying, scratching action effects into the 3D theater, and according to the smoke, rain, photoelectricity, bubble and the smell of the environment effects of scene design of the film formation (in an immersive Wonderland) the full range of experience, is the current popular 4D cinema.

To understand the principle of 4D TV, first we need to know the concept of flat-panel TV refresh rate, the television screen refresh rate is actually every second display screen number, denoted Hz, also known as how many frames per second, the first television refresh rate is 50Hz, also is the second television screens are displayed in 50 images only to achieve this value, we will see the dynamic continuous image does not flicker. 4D television and elokuvateatteri 4D are very different, the biggest difference is that, 4D TV in the original 3D stereo display based on a single space on the stereoscopic display, upgraded stereo display mode for space and time matching, which can meet the family sat around a TV and also in fullscreen form to watch their like program and do not influence each other, so that a television became more tv.

Joten, 4D TV on kaksi asetettu tai useita eri ohjelman kehyksen mukaisesti järjestyksessä kääntää tulosteita, niin että kaksi set tai useamman sarjaa ohjelmia lähes samanaikaisesti näyttöjen muodossa lähetyksissä tämä on vähän kuin viimeinen kuva kuvassa, mutta ero on, että pIP on useita eri ohjelmia kuvia avaruudesta jakaa, joka kuuluu 2D TV-toiminto, ja 4D TV lisäksi jakaa näytön toiminnon tila on jaettu näytön toiminnon silloin tällöin.
Cinema 4d

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