Did You Know that The Different Bettew 3D Movie ja 5d Movie?
Features 5d movie
The film is 5d 4D dynamic effect on the background and the film, the audience from hearing, sight, smell, dynamic five areas to achieve immersive effect. And three-dimensional image corresponding event will also sway swing seats such as when the audience watching stereoscopic movie, along changes in real-time video content to feel the storm, lightning, rain, shock, spray mist, etc. that occur around .

5d 3d advanced realistic than the movie, to be more realistic scenes experience, 5d theater is developed on the basis of 3d. Elements 5d elokuvateatteri equipment is more than 3d, and higher technical requirements. 3D movies are visual technology gap by the human eye, so that the screen appears three-dimensional feel. Compared with 3D technology, 4D is the human touch is also added to the movie in the past. Including shock, falls, hair, water, scratching and other tactile introduction of 3D cinema, the audience watching the movie screen, while listening to movie sound, you can also feel more content, in order to better integrate them into the film’s plot .

It contains all the features of 4D theater, the use of seat special effects and environmental effects, surreal visual experience with a special, irritant effects synchronized performance to simulate the scene and set up a special agency to mimic the actual event in generating contrast, while lifelike three-dimensional picture, as the story changes, 5D cinema equipment to simulate the various special effects lightning, wind, frost, rain, snow, and other explosive impact, visual, hearing, smell, touch and movement perfectly integration, public participation, and threw himself into the story among the simulation unreal experience, thrilling adventure.

Did You Know that The Different Bettew 3D Movie and 5d Movie?

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