7D interactive Cinema songs more advanced than 5D elokuva theater, which is based mostly on 3D video room, simply by double-projector, wearing stereoscopic glasses to make some simple deformation, while the 7D is truly interactive theater full effects, full-motion the whole simulation, full HD stereoscopic digital cinema. First, 7D interactive cinema has a more mature, better digital visual simulation technology, simulation of the film all the scenes, stereoscopic 3D cinema special effects more powerful than sex. Secondly, the facilities are also important factors beyond VOD 7D 5D cinema, Xindy 7D Cinema overall layout of the various effects facilities, such as theater seats all with a special dynamic seat, as well as the ceiling, stage, interior walls are also built-in special effects equipment organs, these organs are synchronized by computer control, with the development of the plot of the movie, it will spray, spray rain, water, fire-breathing, jet, spray foam, and lightning, leg sweep, swing , pitch and other special effects to achieve consistent environment simulation and video content, giving viewers an unprecedented realistic experience. Due to an unprecedented interactive experience 7D interactive theater, so popular with audiences of all ages.

In this theater, every audience has a different seat position based on independent and true picture ID, the computer will assign different roles according to each person’s participation and give different points based on the results of audience participation, the movie ends After the theater’s computer scoring system will be sorted according to high and low points, and ultimately the audience in the bottom photo shows the audience the corresponding points to get the highest score of the audience also get flowers and applause, the audience will get the lowest score to get booed, these Cinema computer systems are done automatically, which is the great charm and proximity to the theater in Wonderland 7D interactive games: You become part of the movie, you’re the protagonist! You can feel yourself a real participated in this movie.

7d Cinema Equipment

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