Shopping malls at the beginning of the establishment is not just shopping , but it hopes to become a tourist destination, and integration of retail and entertainment together, for example ,customers go to shop be funny ,they can choose to watch films or play a roller coaster。 This mode of operation has changed people’s shopping habits, as shopping and entertainment combination of pioneer model, it makes a lot of money and becomes to the most visited by the United States of one destinations. zhuoyuan 9d vr simulator So that, the principal of the mall spent a lot of time to look for which equipment was more suitable, ultimately decided to purchase Zhuoyuan 3 seat 9d vr, no solo no ocupó muchos lugares, sino que también hizo pleno uso de una posición razonable. Desde instalado equipo Zhuoyuan de 3 asientos,,en,, ya sea que los adultos o los niños les guste estar aquí para experimentar, alegra a los consumidores y también permite que la rotación aumente gradualmente.,,en,Ojalá el negocio de la tienda sea cada vez mejor, animar a más personas,,en,Zhuoyuan tres asientos 9d vr en los Estados Unidos | Xindy Animation Inc.,,en 9d vr ,whether adults or children are fond to be here to experience, it makes joy to consumers, and also lets the turnover increased gradually. 9d vr

Wish the store business is getting better and better, cheer to more people

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