Portuguese customer Rui will set up a virtual reality experience center in his own country, so customers can experience the virtual world on daily!

Virtual Reality Experience Hall is the first VR equipment experiencia del museo en local, se utiliza el mundo actual líder de equipos de realidad virtual de Zhuo Yuan, que dirige el uso del saldo actual de 100 vídeo y juegos populares.,en


Customers are queuing to experience this curious device, when you take a try to wear a helmet, you can fly in the VR virtual world with the help of vibration effects 。 We can take a few hundred pieces to take a plane, but to test a pilot driver’s license is not so easy. If you want to drive jet backpack, like a bird in the sky flying even more difficult. You only need to spend tens of dollars, you can drive the jet backpack and flight in the most beautiful fantasy VR virtual world.


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